Upgrade docker to latest version on mac

Docker toolbox install number of tools for us, such as:

  • Docker Client – Use to connect with docker daemon
  • Docker Machine – To run docker-machine binary
  • Docker Engine – To run docker binary
  • Docker Compose – To run docker-compose binary
  • Docker Kitematic – Docker GUI
  • VirtualBox – To boot virtual machine

To upgrade all dependencies to their latest versions, download docker-toolbox and install it (double click, and follow installation instruction).

If you are interested in upgrading docker’s version on a particular virtual machine, which is running docker daemon, then use docker-machine.

To brush up some basic knowledge, we can’t execute docker natively on mac (remember docker daemon needs access to Linux-specific kernel features), that’s where docker-machine comes into action. We can use docker-machine to both create and attach to Linux virtual machine, which can provide the host environment for running docker.

First, we need to find machines’ s name on which we want to upgrade docker’s version. We can execute  docker-machine ls to list all machines. E.g.


In my case, I want to upgrade docker’s version on “default” machine. In order to do it, execute docker-machine upgrade <yourMachineName>


Note: make sure the machine that you want to upgrade is up and running, otherwise you will get an error like this.


That’s it, docker is upgraded to the latest version, ssh to docker machine by executing docker-machine ssh <yourMachineName> and you will see the latest docker version.